Enjoy the Nelumbo Med-SPA treatments!
They act synergically to fulfill both the
inner balance and the health of your body.

in the water treatment and
Wellness & SPA industry


Nelumbo Med-SPA

Luxury and excellence in the field of balneology, Wellness & SPA services.
Escape from everyday life and allow yourself a few hours in the relaxation and treatment center of Lotus Therm Hotel.
Let yourself be charmed by restful colors, refreshing scents, relaxing sounds and rejuvenating touches.

Take advantage of the Nelumbo Med-SPA brand treatments.
They act synergistically, to complement your inner balance and body health.

With an extensive experience in balneotherapy and Wellness & SPA, our staff carefully oversees the optimal dosage of the procedures.
* Access is intended only for the guests accommodated in the hotel.


The history of thermal water of Baile Felix

The miraculous effects of the thermal water of Baile Felix are known since the time of the Roman Empire. Tradition claims that, around the year 1095, King Ladislaus, traveling in these lands, would have found the thermal springs with miraculous effects.

The most ancient testimony of the existence of these baths dates back to 1221, in the time the Hevius de Magno-Varadina Abbey, which survived in these places until the Turks era. One of the first pools built hundreds of years ago may be still seen nowadays. A thriving resort developed around the first thermal spring over time, which attracted tourists from all corners of Europe.

In recognition of the therapeutic qualities, at the world exhibition in Paris of 1896, the waters from this resort were awarded a gold medal and an honor diploma.

Lotus Therm SPA & Luxury Resort

“Relaxation and recovery are brought to perfection in the only 5-star thermal resort in Romania. Each element is specifically designed to remind you every moment that, for us, you are a valuable customer. Absolute comfort, in a luxuriant ambiance. Brilliance, pure elegance, relaxation transforming in recovery, refreshment and rejuvenation.

This is the promise of Lotus Therm Spa & Luxury Resort!”


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Victoria street no. 20 Băile Felix, Bihor
417500, Romania, EU

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